No. They are two unrelated items. HQL is needed for purchasing a regulated firearm (which is a specific term, not just firearms that have regulations applied to them), and the carry permit is needed to carry a firearm in locations that you aren't otherwise permitted by law. Note- even with a carry permit there are still locations you cannot carry.

In order to get both, you can take just the wear and carry permit course, after which you have two options:

  1. You can wait for your carry permit to arrive in the mail, and then request your HQL. If you go that route, you will save money but it will take you about 4 months or more before you can purchase a regulated firearm.
  2. If however, you want to get the HQL processed immediately, you can use your completion of the wear and carry course to cover the training requirements for the HQL. You would need to pay a second application fee to the State Police, and pay for an additional set of fingerprints to be taken.