Why Use Our System:

We believe that 80% of civilian firearm training needs can be achieved using simulators and Force-on-Force (FoF) training tools, leaving 20% of skills required needing to be learned at a live fire range. Simulators and FoF training tools improve the following:

  • Recognizing a threat - Situational awareness and the ability to quickly classify something as a threat is the first step in staying safe. Avoiding a situation is the only guaranteed way to survive.

  • Getting Out of the Line of Fire/Attack - If unable to avoid a situation, getting out of the line of attack is key, and the ability to do so while drawing might save your life.

  • Shoot/Don't Shoot Decision Making- If an event is unfolding there will likely be innocent people mixed in with the bad guy(s). Practicing split second decision making is critical.

Additional Skills That You Can Learn/Improve With A Simulator and FoF tools:

Drawing From a Holster | Time from Threat to First Hit | Precision and Accuracy with Defensive Shooting | Marksmanship | Different Shooting Positions | Cover Fire | Using Cover | Quick Target Transitions | And MUCH more

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