Welcome to Maryland’s first self-service firearm simulator and training facility, where you can get better training and save money.

Here’s the short version of how it works:

  1. Create your account (which is free)
  2. Register for enrollment (one-time fee of $30).- Temporarily WAIVED.
  3. Register for your desired membership plan.
  4. Complete the digital orientation course. (you will receive an email invitation to our LMS on the Zoho platform)
  5. We’ll mail your keyfob to your home.
  6. Start training and have fun.

The training methods we utilize are:

  1. Simulator (Smokeless Range), with associated training tools.
  2. Our online training system that using videos, pictures, and detailed descriptions (this works best when practicing the skills taught on the simulator)
  3. In-Person skill assist and testing with an instructor
  4. Instructor led training with the simulator
  5. Full length classes
  6. Mini classes (generally less than 3hrs each)