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Josh Hirsh

Principle Instructor

As an EMT and instructor of firearms for over a decade, and firearm enthusiast for over 20 years, Josh had a front row seat to the pitfalls and challenges of civilian education and training in life saving skills.

At the range, he observed the lack of skill in individuals who owned a firearm for decades and recognized the need for alternative training methods.

As a private citizen, he sought to deepen his knowledge and broaden his skills in order to keep his family safe.

As an enthusiast, he sought precision in his craft.

As an instructor, he was driven to provide accessible training and sought a reliable space to educate.

Learn To Aim was born.

Charles “Chuck” Belz

Associate Instructor, Learn To Aim
Chief Instructor, Xiphos Defense

Chuck Belz is a distinguished firearms competitor, graduate of many of the nation’s premier law enforcement and marksmanship training schools, and Chief Instructor for Xiphos Defense. A former law enforcement officer with extensive experience in high-risk, high-threat environments, he holds a master class rating in USPSA (Stock Revolver) and is a seven-time world shoot off champion, among many other achievements. Chuck brings a personable, practical teaching style that resonates with students, allowing them to grow quickly and confidently as they progress through a tailored curriculum he has designed to maximize their potential.

Daniel Humenuck

Associate Instructor, Learn To Aim
Founder and Instructor, Xiphos Defense

Daniel is an Army veteran, avid USPSA competitor, and accomplished firearms instructor with ten years of experience. As Platoon Leader and Brigade Top Gun, Daniel was routinely selected by leadership to develop close quarter marksmanship and concealed carry programs. Daniel places a heavy emphasis on the elements of personal performance in his teaching methodology, holding an A Class Carry Optics rating in USPSA Steel Challenge.

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