Active violence and mass casualty events are happening daily. Active Violence Emergency Response Training (AVERT) can be the life saving advantage for your team, should you be faced with an active shooter or other violent event. Let us teach you simple, yet effective life-saving techniques that will give you the confidence to react in an active violence event.


AVERT uses simple, yet effective strategies to teach you, the immediate responder, how to survive in active violence situations. Building on the national model of Run, Hide, Fight, AVERT takes these concepts to the next level, teaching participants the principles of Escape, Evade, and Attack. Your program developers use their first-hand experiences to provide you with dynamic solutions and scenarios to give you the best options to survive in a life-threatening situation. AVERT is the first program to combine life-saving medical techniques with tactical response skills. This is a hands-on, interactive, team-building training that everyone can successfully complete.

Course Overview

AVERT operates with the mission of Empowering People to Save Lives. Through our Training + Products, we provide corporations and institutions with the tools to enhance their own safety. AVERT focuses on skills that were once reserved for first responders but have been adapted for the general public. With our innovative, hands-on approach, in just two hours you will learn the skills to effectively respond should you be faced with an active violence encounter. AVERT emphasizes training in:

• Warning Signs and Situational Awareness
• Escape, Evade, Attack and Active Shooter Response Procedures
• Emergency Techniques to Stop the Bleed
• Response Equipment (Bleeding control kits, AEDs, etc.)


As part of the Bleeding Control portion of the course, participants will be trained in the use of a TAC+PAC bleeding control kit. TAC+PAC kits are specifically assembled for simplicity in the event of an emergency and have everything you need to control bleeding without having to worry about expiration dates or allergens.